Summer Academic Camp:

  • The 6-8 week summer academic camp is designed to provide hands on life skills in a practical format. The camp promotes research while enhancing higher- level thinking skills in mathematics, computer application, business design and implementation, money management, and reading fundamentals.
  • A fun way of learning and applying the process in life is essential to the program's design and implementation.

Academic Assessment:

  • Assessment exams are administered to properly place participants in the correct sessions to enhance their knowledge in subject matter.

Standardized Academic Exam(s) Prep Sessions:

  • Prep Sessions address the participants deficiencies.
  • Study skills and knowledge base are improved;
  • Exam scores are improved.

Computer Classes:

  • Classes are provided for adults and youth. Understanding the computer, software and operational procedures are key components to addressing the digital divide.

Money Management & Financial Planning Sessions:

  • Managing your money
  • Avoiding credit traps
  • Budgeting and future planning
  • How to save
  • Improving your credit

Planned Field Trips and Activities